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Scale your supply chain operations with D365 Supply Chain Management


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management equips your manufacturing business in today’s complex work environment with extreme agility, connectivity, and a resilient supply chain. Here is how you can maximize operational efficiency and enhance product quality and profitability using D365.

Reduce asset downtime

Integrating Dynamics 365 Guides with Microsoft Power Apps and IoT data, enables frontline workers to proactively detect and prevent equipment failure and reduce costly downtime. The new production floor execution feature in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a modern, touch-friendly UI that is extremely easy to use. Even in poorly lit spaces, it helps frontline workers manage multiple jobs at the same time.

Manage assets with ease

The asset management add-in is your go-to place to plan, predict, and proactively perform various types of maintenance to extend the life and performance of your equipment.

Reduce disruptions to production

As a manufacturer, you want to minimize interruptions and bring structure and discipline to the product data management process. The new Engineering Change Management add-in for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables products to be defined, released, and revised in a controlled manner. This helps businesses to overcome disruptions due to quality issues and obsolete parts by quickly resolving them to ensure that production lines are running without interruptions.

Gain better supply chain visibility

Gain control over every aspect of the supply chain from end to end. Know your current inventory and expected inventory with ease. Also, control activities and processes on the warehouse floor and production line – from the transportation of products and materials

to your workforce and equipment.

Improve customer experience

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you improve delivery as you are in full control of your supply chain. You can better plan your entire production process and cut out delays and shortages. The built-in quality control capabilities help you manage product quality which directly impacts customer satisfaction. And to make the customer experience better- you can use customer data and analytics and better meet expectations.

Finely tuned processes and cashflow

The Planning Optimization feature gives you multiple opportunities to streamline processes and improve cash flow. You’ll be able to make most of it, only when you have the right amount of inventory at hand, processes are synched when they interact across your supply chain, and you can manage vital functions and transactions end-to-end from one place.

Get in touch with the Dynamics 365 experts at Isys Solutions to know more about scaling your supply chain operations.