Top 5 reasons to choose Dynamics 365 for sales

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August 20, 2018
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October 23, 2018

Top 5 reasons to choose Dynamics 365 for sales

Are you looking for help to zero in on the right leads, contacts, and opportunities to build your team’s sales pipeline? You need a powerful system that can help you nurture your sales from lead to order. You need Microsoft Dynamics 365 that combines powerful sales and marketing tools to provide a detailed view of all your customers – from initial contact to post-sale support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help you close more deals and enhance customer satisfaction. It will also help you achieve more steady sales interactions by following the sales process as it takes you through each stage, from creating a lead to closing the sale. You get a complete view of your customer, complete history, which you can refer to if you plan to work with your customer again in the future, or if your customer needs support.

You can choose to use D365 as a cloud service or deploy it on-premise. It fits each exclusive customer engagement requirement and adapts as your priorities change.

1. Get actionable insights for better decision-making

Find all the sales data that matters with real-time reporting across key performance indicators using Power BI dashboards and visualizations. Discover real-time insights for informed, data-driven decision making. Using these insights, you can also keep track of business prospects that haven’t yet qualified through your sales process and those customers who might need new products or services.

2. A highly flexible CRM engine

You need a flexible system that responds quickly to customer and market changes with the help of its digital intelligence. D365 operates within an agile, cloud-based environment that helps you adapt your products and services to the changing needs of your customers.

3. Work from anywhere and on any device

With D365, you can choose to work using the device you love from anywhere in the world. Free mobile apps are available with every license (Android, iOS & Windows) that allow you to increase productivity and not miss out on important opportunities when you’re not in office. It also helps your sales staff access important customer information from anywhere or update the status of deals on any device.

4. Enhances your process efficiency

In the age of AI, you need to replace redundant manual tasks with automated processes. Customer information contained in silos are available on a single, unified platform which is accessible to everyone in your sales staff. Follow guided processes for lead qualification, service issues and other processes that echo your rules and methodology to consistently reach successful results.

5. Integration with Office 365

When choosing a new automated system, you need to ensure that your staff is familiar with it. That’s why integration between D365 and Office 365 brings together business processes and ensures productivity. You can leverage Outlook, Excel, Word and other familiar tools for a streamlined, connected experience.