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Professional Services for Dynamics 365 and SAP Business One can help your company effectively manage project teams, increase employee productivity, improve service capabilities, comply with contracts and standards, and accelerate billings while controlling costs through tight integration of client, project activity, and financial information.

An easy-to-read dashboard, e-mail alerts and seamless integration to powerful reporting capabilities can help management and team members to stay informed and respond quickly to changes. As a result, you can focus on strengthening customer relationships and profitably growing your business.


Integrate the financial, human, and intellectual capital aspects across your project-based organization with a complete solution to save time, increase profitability, and offer unmatched client service that sets you apart from the competition.


Professional Services Management from Microsoft Dynamics can help:

  • Connect financial, resource, task and intellectual capital information.
  • Gain insight into critical business information and trends
  • Improve cost and profitability management.
  • Enhance¬†team productivity and performance
  • Maintain tight control of processes, information and compliance commitments