Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain
Dubai, UAE

Effectively plan production and distribution management to meet changing customer demands.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Key Product Capabilities


Enhance the visibility and agility of your supply chain processes by moving to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain. It allows you to manage your warehouses and production units from the cloud by bringing together data from various sources in real-time.


Gain better agility to quickly respond

to changing customer demands

With D365 Supply Chain you don’t have to be afraid anymore of stock-outs or overstocking. The integrated warehouse management system allows you to plan your inventory and distribution in near real-time through AI and mixed reality.

Reduce your production cost

without lowering quality

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain helps you to identify and resolve product quality issues quickly by resolving them with engineering change management while ensuring that your production lines are running smoothly.

Optimize inventory and logistics by

simplifying and automating processes

Optimize your operations by having real-time visibility of inventory, warehouse, and logistics. The unified insights from various systems allow you to optimize the transportation of orders and ensures on-time shipments.

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