Dynamics 365Project Management Dubai

Simplify project management by bringing people, processes and technology together to deliver projects on-time & on-budget

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As a project-driven organisation, we understand the various challenges faced by project-based businesses when it comes to making accurate estimations, preparing quotation, scheduling resources, managing budgets and delivery projects on-time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation from iSys Solutions includes everything you need to effectively manage and deliver your projects, well within the agreed scope and committed timeline. By automating the work flow and unifying people and processes, it enables you to boost workforce productivity leveraging on collaboration tools and in-built analytics which provide real-time insights on project expenditure, task time, organisational trends and others.


Improve employee productivity and project profitability through Dynamics 365 automation technology, which brings together the best of people, process and resources.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation from iSys Solutions offers you:

  • Unified working experience – With automation and collaboration technology at its center, Dynamics 365 offers a unified experience to your sales and service teams to approach each project with clarity and confidence.
  • Improved project planning capabilities– Make it easy for project managers to arrive at accurate estimates, assign resources, and plan every aspect of the project through intelligent automation.
  • Mobile productivity- Boost the efficiency of your employees by offering them access to collaborate through mobile apps and update project time, expenses and schedule automation services.
  • Real-time analytics – Gain actionable insights through built-in intelligent analytics on your organizational trends, finances and operations which allow you to proactively prepare for change.
  • Greater visibility- Offer better visibility to all stakeholders including management, employees and clients on critical project aspects like work status, cost, time and value delivered.