Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Optimize people, equipment and field process through intelligent scheduling, mobile support and remote monitoring.

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Delivering flawless field service relies on a number of interlinked factors such as optimum allocation of resources, real-time customer response, keeping track of field engineers, performance data analysis and others. Without an automated and mobilized mechanism with built-in analytics, field service companies often run into a downward spiral, by failing to meet the rising customer expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service from iSys Solutions aims to simplify field service processes and improve technician productivity by automating, optimizing and mobilizing various processes involved in delivering superior customer service. With features such as intelligent scheduling, 360-degree customer case history view in mobile apps, real-time customer communication, inventory and contract management, you can increase customer satisfaction by getting the job done right, the very first time.


Automate, optimize and simplify your field processes with intelligent scheduling


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service from iSys Solutions gives your business the power to:

  • Optimize scheduling – Seamlessly fix and manage appointments through automatically optimized schedules for a smarter workload and resource balance
  • Mobile workforce– Maximize productivity by equipping field service engineers with real-time customer insights and the ability to process work orders from mobile apps
  • Manage inventory- Effectively forecast material requirements while keeping an accurate record of your service stock with real-time updates in order to reduce write-offs
  • Win more business– By optimizing people, equipment and field processes, Dynamics 365 allows companies to retain customers and gain new ones by maintain a balance between the number of field employees and the quality of service