Dynamics 365
Customer Service
Dubai, UAE

Provide real-time customer support from anywhere, anytime

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Customer support isn’t just about clarifying doubts, answering queries and fixing technical glitches; times have changed. With digital transformation touching every aspect of human life, customers expect fast-paced solutions, personalized experiences and would prefer to answer lesser number of questions. Is your support system geared up to the new age customer expectations? Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service from iSys Solutions is all about providing personalized, proactive and real-time support to customers on their choice of devices and channels including social media. By using a unified platform with built-in intelligence, service agents will be able to have a 360-degree view of customers and offer personalized interactions based on customer support history.


Delight your customers through a pro-active support system which anticipates changes and address issues through built-in intelligence.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service from iSys Solutions gives your business the power to:

  • Empower support agents- with the visual interface, analytic tools, guidance and data required to offer faster and seamless customer service
  • Personalize interactions- leveraging on built-in intelligence which offers valuable insights based on past customer interactions and behaviour
  • Offer real-time service– from anywhere and at any time using platforms optimized for any mobile operating system and device
  • Unify knowledge and experiences – to make it possible for agents to accesses all customer information in one place in order to offer consistent service across various devices and channels including social media.