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Forrester Consulting findings on the benefits of migrating to Business Central

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. This comprehensive business management solution is designed for small and medium businesses. It broadly streamlines business processes with automation and cloud-based solutions and makes business management much easier. 

But that’s not all. In a new Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report from Forrester Consulting, it has been found that Business Central helps businesses achieve operational efficiency, lower costs, and helps them comfortably scale their deployments with growth while benefitting from the flexibility inherent in the cloud.

Based on the interviews with five Microsoft customers and decision-makers and the analysis of the combined results of a $15-million, 250-employee composite organization, Forrester Consulting reported that the organizations realized benefits of $466K over three years versus costs of $178K, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $288K and an ROI of 162% after implementing Business Central. 

Key findings of the TEI

Before migrating to Business Central, these organizations managed their operations with disparate on-premises ERP tools that lacked key functionality as organizations looked to scale and modernize their businesses.

After implementing Business Central, customers reported improved flow of operations, better visibility into their business performance, improved employee experiences, and increased productivity, along with lower licensing fees and IT costs.

Integration benefits

Customers also benefited from the integration of Business Central with their other Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint and Power BI. 

Making data-driven decisions

The decision-makers of the organizations could view key business data, reports, and metrics in real-time, which helped them resolve issues faster and make better business decisions.

Automated manual tasks

The finance and operations professionals got access to better tools to execute their daily responsibilities. This further enhanced workflows throughout finance and operations and team members were able to utilize their reclaimed productivity in better ways.

Important cost savings

One of the major cost savings for organizations adopting Business Central was in the form of a license fee. Migrating from on-premises Microsoft and non-Microsoft ERP tools to the cloud helped bring down license fees significantly. 

Better tools enabled more efficient workflows, enabling staff to focus on higher-value tasks, eventually boosting overall productivity.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central and other Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft Power BI, organizations no longer needed externally-generated reports resulting in the elimination of third-party reporting expenses.

The hiring rate also lowered significantly for the companies that leveraged Business Central. With improved functionality, visibility, and access for finance and operations staff, the organizations were able to continue their growth trajectory without the need to hire additional staff.

What do these findings mean for businesses?

From professional services to banking to consumer goods and retailers, SMB customers are considering replacing their on-premise ERP suites with the new breed of cloud-based core business applications. The Forrester Consulting study further validates the possibilities of getting faster ROI for SMBs if they choose to migrate to a single cloud solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

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