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3 Innovative ways to improve customer relationship with D365 Marketing


Reaching out to customers in personal and relevant ways has never been more important than now in the business world. This is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing aims to achieve by making the customer journey faster through reimagined editing, in-place previews, and improved business insights. Let us take a look at the three innovative features that D365 Marketing offers to help you improve your customer relationship.

1. Faster and smoother customer journeys

Customer interactions can be more productive and intuitive by redesigning the customer journey to reduce the amount of context switching, clicking, and scrolling. Here are some top improvements to enhance the performance and automate the entire customer experience:

  • Drive productivity by reducing time spent on stand-alone apps
  • Improve collaboration and communication by eliminating internal silos and broadening visibility across the organization
  • With options to wait for, wait until or enable if/then, simplified tiles makes it clear and easy for you to build the customer journey accurately without mistakes.
  • Receive improved journey insights by using easier-to-read charts and overlays.
  • Customized canvas view is received with one click to get the entire journey.

2. Direct integration of webinars and meetings with Microsoft Teams

Online and other digital channels play a pivotal role now when personal meetings turn into a distant memory. In order to run the virtual events better, Dynamics 365 Marketing Event Management features are integrated efficiently with Teams Live Events like webinars and meetings.

The Event registration functionality of Dynamics 365 Marketing has been updated so that you can continue with the existing registration process and also with one click, switch the event to online streaming. Your customers could easily access the virtual event by one-click check-in from the event confirmation email that is sent through Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Tracking of the event attendees can also be done effortlessly based on their registration and sign in. Post-event follow-ups are also done by sending surveys through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

3. Updated and improved social media management system

The connection and interaction with the customers over social media are renovated across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The user interface is modified to improve the usability of post authoring, images, and links. Added support for emojis and options to delete posts is also reworked to improve. The planning calendar is also refreshed with refined visuals, colors, and icons with the additional feature of posting directly from it.

The need for the functionality of LinkedIn to support both personal and company pages is addressed which also pairs with the integration of LinkedIn Lead Gen and LinkedIn Matched Audiences. Also, the need of the customers to post performance and social network-specific KPIs are met by providing KPIs such as reactions, comments, impressions, and more.

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